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About Us


Tint Factory, was founded in 2002. It started from supplying and installing car window film for customers over the years. We dedicate to offering our customers everything from products, and consultations regarding automotive, residential, and commercial building window-related issues. No matter if you have any excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, faded interior, glare, or security concern, our affordable and good-quality window films will help you resolve and enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle and building.


We strive to provide customers and businesses with high-quality products and services for automotive, residential, and commercial buildings in order to improve their sun safety, privacy protection, comfort, and driving experience. Our growth is driven by the enormous demand in every state and country for quality and affordable window tinting and auto accessories. To cater to local consumers and business communities, we provide a full range of services regarding any glass-related issues to ensure cost efficiency within your budgets and suitable solutions.


  1. Our mission describes how we will achieve our vision in the future, which will take our company to the next level.
  2. We will generate an extraordinary experience and excitement by implementing pioneering ideas and problem-solving to go beyond our customers’ expectations.
  3. Our employees are our future partners and our stakeholders. All of us will act in accordance with and move towards our core values.
  4. Our strategic intent is to help our customers create a significant competitive advantage by continuing to lead the way in the provision of connected data, information, and knowledge, ultimately enhancing their job performance, informed decision-making, and business outcomes.
  5. We always appreciate and actively encourage our clients to provide us with valuable feedback on our performance within our stated vision and mission.
  6. We pursue a business ethic of continuous improvement. Although we are aware that we will not always have everything right for all our customers, we rely on an intimate and sincere relationship with them to ensure that we are able to catch the absolute best opportunity to deliver an exceptional consuming experience at any time.